Turism Felix: Board of Directors
Members elected by the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on  December 29 , 2021  
Serac Florian (CV) , Chairman , executive member
General Manager(mandate contract starting with April 5 , 2019)
Popa Liviu (CV) , Deputy -Chairman , non-executive member , independent
Serac Florian (CV)
Busu Cristian (CV) , Non-executive member  
Moldovan Marius Adrian (CV) , Non-executive member
Moldovan Laurentia Niculina (CV) , Non-executive member , independent
Advisory committees:  
Audit Committee (ROF) Nomination and remuneration Committee (ROF)
Moldovan Marius Adrian - Chairman Serac Florian - Chairman
Busu Cristian - Member Popa Liviu - Member
Moldovan Laurentia Niculina - Member Moldovan Marius Adrian - Member